5 Surprise Destinations To Fall In Love With

surprise destinations to fall in love with, onlyprathamesh
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The world is a big place and it comprises many surprising destinations, which are still not explored to their full potential. In order to introduce some of those to you, I have come up with this list of 5 surprise destinations to fall in love with!


Moraine Lake is situated just 14 kilometers outside the village of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada, and gives great aesthetic pleasure by offering a scenic view surrounded by rocky mountains and glaciers.

moraine lake, canada, surprise destinations to fall in love with, onlyprathamesh
Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

Moraine Lake was once featured on a Canadian twenty-dollar note and considered to be one of the most photographic locations. You can either unwind yourself by simply enjoying its panoramic view or put on your adventure face and plan a hike there,  you will certainly enjoy every second of the time spent there.


Palawan island is a place where nature exhales never-seen-before colors, rocks form appealing shapes without any human guidance and crystal clear water flows through a lush green forest.

palawan islands, philippines, surprise destinations to fall in love with, onlyprathamesh
Photo by Symeon Ekizoglou from Pexels

The best thing about Palawan island it possesses natural beauty in the true sense. This lovely island has been voted as the world’s most beautiful island many times. Apart from its vivid picturesque view, Palawan island is also home to Purple Crabs and  Philippine Mouse Deers!


Iguazu falls hold one of the most important positions in the modern natural wonders of the world. This swayed waterfall lies on the banks of River Iguazu, which is located on the Argentina-Brazil border.

iguazu falls, south america, surprise destinations to fall in love with, onlyprathamesh
Photo by Diego Rezende from Pexels

In native languages, Iguazu means big water and as the name suggests, these waterfalls are gigantic but at the same time, their beauty is bound to take your breath away!



Algar de Benagil is a stupendous cave located on the southern coast of Portugal and an absolute seaside gem. These sea caves will surely catch your attention with their captivating looks.


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You can access Algar de Benagil only via water either by Kayaking or swimming but trust me, your efforts will be well-rewarded with a presentation of unique formations, made with rock-strewn walls, satiny sand, and bright sunlight. You will certainly feel protected by nature while strolling amidst this huge structure.


This slot canyon on the Navajo land on the east of Arizona is more striking than its name suggests. It is a glorious result of thousands of years old process of rainfall and floods precisely carving deep corridors in the Navajo sandstone.

antelope caves, arizona, surprise destinations to fall in love with, onlyprathamesh

No doubt the Canyon walls are way too amazing but the sunlight has a lion’s share in multiplying the beauty of Antelope Canyon by creating a firey appearance. The best time to visit Antelope Canyon is during summers when the sunlight is extremely powerful and you can witness some really interesting patterns there.

Which one of the 5 surprise destinations made you fall in love with it? Comment Now!

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