My Experience Of Rejoicing In Amazing Thailand

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Thailand is a paradise for travelers because there’s never a dull moment in this happening country. The best thing about Thailand is that one can plan their trip across any budget category because it has something to offer everyone. Hence, most of the travelers prefer rejoicing in Amazing Thailand on regular basis!


prathamesh avachare, rejoicing in amazing thailand, buddhist temple, thailand, onlyprathamesh

Buddhism plays a vital role in Thailand’s culture and what adds to its beauty are the spectacular Buddhist temples. The architecture of temples in Thailand is so well crafted that you just cannot stop yourself from appreciating it. May it be their appealing carvings or bright colors, temples in Thailand have their unique aura.


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I would highly recommend everyone to try the street food in Thailand because you will come across many carts selling appetizing meals and treats as you stroll through its lively streets. You are bound to get quick service, great taste, and an authentic Thai experience on these carts, which you will certainly cherish as a foodie.


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You will get a wide variety of entertainment in Thailand. You can enjoy some outstanding shows, performed by veteran artists by traveling to prime cities of Thailand like Bangkok and Pattaya. One such show is the Alcazar Cabaret Show in Pattaya, which is a powerhouse of entertaining ladyboys performing with grace amidst the flashy lights and robust music in extremely eye-catching costumes. All in all, it’s a total ‘paisa vasool’ entertainment!


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If you love shopping your heart out while traveling, then you will hit the jackpot in Thailand, courtesy – its local markets and shopping malls. May it be shopping for traditional Thai antiques or silk products and creative ornaments, the shopaholic in you won’t be disappointed in Amazing Thailand! The majority of the tourist population belongs to shopping lovers – the reason why it is considered to be a shopper’s paradise.


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Thailand gets better as the day progresses and it reaches its peak awesomeness during the night because the nightlife scene of Thailand is way too magnificent to be missed. Some of the major highlights of Thailand’s nightlife include Beach parties, safaris, night markets, nightclubs, entertaining shows, etc. But in case you prefer to spend some me-time away from the hustle and bustle, you can simply grab a bite and enjoy it on the beachside.


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You will never walk alone on the streets of Thailand with so much happening all over. If you are a fan of city walks and love getting lost in city life, then Thai streets will surely live up to your expectations!


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Thailand has no shortage of pristine beaches and though they are a bit overcrowded, still engaging in several beach activities while enjoying a drink or two there is an experience in itself for sure if you are a beach lover like me since the vibe around is quite chill and fun!

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