My Experience As Festival Ambassador Of The Sacred Amritsar

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Attending The Sacred Amritsar Festival as its festival ambassador was truly an unforgettable experience. The first edition of the festival celebrated the best of Indian music, art, culture, and food in the city of Amritsar. I must say, Sleepwell’s commitment to providing high-quality, comfortable mattresses that help people get a good night’s sleep made it the perfect partner for an event that promotes rest and relaxation!

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An evening of poetry and music by Harpreet and Navdeep Suri

As the festival ambassador, I had the privilege of engaging with some of the most influential artists and thinkers in India. The festival featured performances by classical singers, instrumentalists, and leading artists in their respective fields. These performances were complemented by thought-provoking discussions and talks that explored the intersection of art, spirituality, and philosophy.

One of the highlights of the festival was the morning ragas, which are musical performances that are meant to be heard in the early hours of the morning. These performances are designed to create a sense of calm and serenity in the listener, and they were performed by some of the most accomplished musicians in the country. Listening to the morning ragas while sitting on a comfortable Sleepwell mattress was an experience that truly rejuvenated my mind, body, and soul.


The evening performances at the festival were also incredibly introspective and contemplative. These performances featured informative recitations that allowed attendees to connect with their faith and spirituality meaningfully followed by some electrifying performances from some of the most renowned musicians of India.

The conversations and discussions at the festival covered a wide range of topics, from music and art to spirituality and philosophy. These discussions provided a unique opportunity to gain insights into the creative process and worldviews of some of the most esteemed guests at the festival.

Special thanks to Teamwork Arts for inviting me as the festival ambassador of Sleepwell presents The Sacred Amritsar and witness the best of Indian music, art, and culture at The Earth Resort and Qila Gobindgarh in Amritsar. The festival’s emphasis on music and poetry was reflected in every element of the festival which was beautifully curated by the entire team behind it.

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